OPEC – Energy literacy - promotion and improvement of the education of individuals in the field of energy

project no: CZ.1.07/3.1.00/37.0276, project realization: 1.5.2012 - 30.10.2013, subsidy: 3.111.636 CZK


The main objective of the project is to extend and promote energy literacy among the general public through educational materials and models (electrostatics), seminar systems and open door days realized in Ostrava. By implementing the project, we want to raise the awareness of Ostrava's citizens about the central role of energy in modern life, how it is produced, transformed and used, and the implications of these processes. This includes developing awareness of the energy-independent region, and the nature and root of historical and future energy crises. Understanding the possibilities, costs and impacts of a wide range of energy sources (both renewable and non-renewable) that are or will be available and the implications of choosing between them, the target group can learn new skills that are valuable for a practical life. The new energy-education courses focus on three main areas of education:

1. Passive houses and sustainable development - how to build a house.

2. Renewable energy sources, individual types and examples of assemblies.

3. Energy-related damages, the value of limited resources, examples of good practice (how things and systems work.


This project includes activities aimed at citizens living in Ostrava. The aim is to create and develop a system of recurrent seminars, open days in the field of energy. Raising awareness of the target group covers all aspects but will reflect local availability of energy (the Moravian-Silesian Region) and its requirements, along with local climatic and cultural characteristics. At the same time, the educational content will remain consistent with national and international priorities and will reflect the values of the slogan: to think globally to act locally. The overall output of the project will be an expanded, more attractive offer of education in the field of energy through seminars, open days in passive houses, educational materials and aids. We expect the involvement of a group of 300 citizens in Ostrava who will be trained through professional lecturers.


Project outcomes:

• A series of seminars for people on the energy use - a total of 4 cycles

• Promotion of an energy-independent region

• Open day - wooden building in passive standard - total 6

• Seminars on how to build renewable energy sources (solar systems, heat pumps) - a total of 8 seminars

• Electrical building set and their use


Project Impacts:

• increasing practical skills and knowledge in the field of efficient use of energy,

• raising awareness among the general public,

• trying to design renewable sources of energy using electrical building set,

• promoting the city of Ostrava through the Energy Independent Region,

• supporting and developing further education in the field of energy literacy for the citizens of Ostrava,

• examples of valuable experience of experts from the energy industry for the general public.


Energy, its production, conversion and use already have a significant impact on environmental studies. Energy education should cover energy, the environment and the economy, providing a rational basis for decision-making. A key factor is ensuring that all citizens are "energy conscious". The main objective of the project is to broaden and promote energy literacy among the general public.

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