OPEC – Promoting the Transfer of Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Bioenergy into Practice (Partnership for Recipients of Zemědělský výzkum s.r.o.)

receiver of the subsidy: Zemědělský výzkum s.r.o., project no.: CZ.1.07/2.4.00/31.0026, project realization: 2.1.2012 - 31.12.2013, MSEK as a partner with the financial participation: 1.826.756 CZK


The main objective of the project is to create and link top research organizations with the application sector and public administration, and to motivate young scientists and students with practical examples of the use of R & D results in practice.

The core outputs of the three project activities are the internships and practices of R & D students and trainers, the preparation of experts and coaches to support the implementation of other joint projects and the implementation of interactive seminars, conferences and workshops, where the representatives of the academic, public, private and non- profit sectors will have a discussion and where students will present their internship results.

The realization of internships of students and R & D workers involved will ensure the interconnection of top research in prospective areas of agriculture, food and bioenergy between the academic and application sectors. This will lead to new partnerships and the effective transfer of knowledge and experience among all involved organizations, to support the transfer of new knowledge and R & D results in agricultural, food research and bioenergy.

By creating a wide network of diverse entities from the academic, private, public and non-governmental non-profit sectors, a professional background will be created for the development of human potential for existing as well as for emerging clusters and sectoral clusters focused on joint projects in the field of agrarian research and bioenergy.

For the target group, the expert modules in the field of project management, fundraising, evaluation, management and presentation skills will be developed in an interactive way by solving case studies whose implementation will ensure the understanding and learning of the knowledge and experience necessary for effective cooperation in application research and technology transfer. This will enable experts to work in technology platforms and industry clusters.

In the seminars and conferences of the project, the latest research findings in the areas concerned will be presented and interactive discussions will be held with the public administration on the forthcoming changes about evaluation and R & D concepts, in the field of legislative changes concerning new bioenergy, conceptual changes to R & D funding, etc. to ensure effective communication with public administration professionals who are in charge of this issue.

The foreign partners will contribute their experience in the preparation of international projects by participating in the preparation and implementation of the expert modules (with the participation of the recognized expert Prof. Joan Winn) and presentations of the network created at prestigious foreign events.


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