OPEC - Support and Development of Electrotechnical and Building Industries in MSK

project no: CZ.1.07 / 1.1.24 / 02.0058, project realization: 1.6.2013 - 31.12.2014, subsidy: 3.449.586 CZK


more at: www.studujelektro.cz


The main objective of the project is to increase the popularity of electro-technical and construction disciplines in elementary school pupils and to improve practical teaching at secondary schools, taking into account the requirements of members of the Moravian-Silesian Energy Cluster. The focus of the project is to revitalize and improve the practical teaching at the cooperating secondary schools, namely the Electro-construction and Woodworking High School in Frýdek-Místek and the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering in Ostrava. The aim is for schools to build a classroom with practical teaching facilities equipped with functional learning systems (models) that enable secondary school students to develop practical skills and manual skills. In these classrooms, under the supervision of practitioners and pedagogues, pupils will produce an electro-educational game that will then serve as a teaching aid in the promotion of electrical engineering at elementary schools within project days. Practical training at cooperating secondary schools will be complemented by specialized seminars, workshops of experienced practitioners in new classrooms and excursions directly into production processes. By implementing the project, we want to increase the interest of secondary school students in teaching practical lessons with new renewable energy technologies that they can use during their teaching and in the production of electro-educational games. The purpose of the project is also to increase the interest of elementary school pupils about these fields through project days, excursions, competitions that will present popularized courses and practical lessons. The overall output of the project will be innovated practical teaching at secondary schools, which will increase the qualification prerequisites of students entering the practical training, better manual skills of secondary school pupils and increased interest of primary school pupils in electro-technical and construction studies at secondary schools.


Benefit for pupils in the participating secondary schools:

• Improvement and enhancement of practical training - the possibility to work with new teaching models and equipment under the supervision of field industry professionals and teachers directly at school in the new classrooms of practical teaching.

• Getting new information about technologies and practices in the field of electrical engineering and construction, the opportunity to try working with new devices and equipment to enhance practical skills and develop their manual skills in line with the requirements of potential employers.

• Getting learning support for practical lessons - learning manuals.

• Establishment of cooperation with potential employers.

• Active participation in excursions and seminars.

• Increasing qualifications to increase chances in the labour market.


Benefits for secondary school pupils:

  • Through the excursions and project days, the students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the issues of work in construction and electro-technical fields.
  • Greater awareness of practical teaching at secondary schools focused on electrotechnics and construction.
  • Active forms of teaching - the opportunity to try the work with electro-technical game, excursions directly to production, lectures and presentations of the representatives of companies and secondary schools.
  • The opportunity to visit practical lessons directly at secondary schools.


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