OPEIC - Promotion and development of NEK activities in the field of energy savings and energy concepts

project number: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/15_012/0002294, project realization: 1.4.2016 - 31.3.2018, budget: 7.970 760 CZK, subsidy: 3.985 380 CZK


The main objective of this project is to promote and develop activities of the NATIONAL ENERGETIC CLUSTER (NEK) and its activities in the field of energy savings and energy concepts in order to further expand the base of cluster membership. The aim of the project is to extend the service portfolio for cluster members and to support interdisciplinary cooperation with other clusters and partners. By implementing the project, we would like to improve the sharing of expertise among the individual members and to support preparation of new joint projects in the field of research, development, education and innovation.


The project also promotes energy savings in connection with renewable energy resources between professional and general public. The purpose of the project is to develop and support cluster activities outside the Moravian-Silesian Region at national and international level. Thanks to this project, the cluster promotes collaboration between the existing cluster members and shares information on energy savings and energy concepts. The project promotes cluster promotion through information campaigns and promotional events in individual regions. We also expect the elaboration of expert studies and expert opinions on energy savings. The development of cluster activities will thus increase innovation potential and strengthen cooperative links between the existing and new members of the cluster.


Individual sub-objectives of the project:


  • Promotion and development of cluster activities on a national scale
  • Support cluster competitiveness and its members through the support centre and business development and the centres of energy savings and energy concepts
  • Preparation and implementation of specialized workshops for the existing and new members of the cluster
  • Preparation of joint projects in the field of research, development, education and innovation
  • Increase awareness of the effective use of waste and related technologies for professionals and general public
  • Portfolio extension of services offered to cluster members
  • Expansion of cluster membership base
  • Quality improvement of internal cluster management
  • Human resources development leading to cluster expansion
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation and partnership


Key project activities:


Activity no 1: Improvement and expansion the Cluster Services Portfolio


  1. establishment and operation of the support and business development centre of the National Energy    Cluster
  2. establishment and operation of the Energy Savings and Energy Concept Centres,
  3. expanding the range of activities of the Joint Purchases and Services Centre.


Activity no 2: Preparation and implementation of NEK information campaign


  1. creation of promotional materials of NEK,
  2. cluster promotion in media,
  3. new cluster website,
  4. cluster promotions for general public,
  5. open days for general and professional public.


Activity no 3: Improvement of cluster management processes and development of human resources


  1. set up of new processes for the management and evaluation of cluster activities,
  2. extension of cluster work team,
  3. regular coordination meetings in order to monitor the project.


Activity no 4: Development of cluster interdisciplinary cooperation


  1. conferences focusing on the efficient use of energy resources,
  2. regular workshops and seminars for potential partners and collaborating clusters,
  3. creation of a network of co-operating clusters and their mutual interconnection.


Activity no 5: Development of co-operation with universities and secondary schools


  1. seminars focused on the popularization of electrical engineering fields,
  2. supporting offers of university students' internships for cluster members,
  3. promotion of energy literacy of citizens and businesses.


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