OPEIC - Development and strengthening of international cooperation of NEK in the field of intelligent technologies and energy systems

project number: CZ.01.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 15_009 / 0002300, project realization: 1.4.2016 - 31.3.2018, budget: 7.776 200 CZK, subsidy: 3.888 100 CZK


The main objective of the project is to establish and strengthen the international cooperation of the  NATIONAL ENERGY CLUSTER (NEK) and its members with foreign clusters and research organizations and other partners in the field of intelligent technologies and energy systems. This cooperation is focused on research, development, education and innovation. One of the partial objectives of the projects is also to obtain information about foreign markets and the possibilities of long-term cooperation with cluster groups within the European Research Area.


The National Energetic Cluster has established a partnership with the foreign research organization Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, with whom it has successfully prepared a joint project VaV (science & research) under the CORNET program. The intention of the project is to significantly strengthen the cooperation with the above-mentioned research organization.


Specific project objectives:


  • promotion of cluster activities at international level,
  • reinforcement of the cluster work team in the field of internationalization,
  • exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of Intelligent Technologies (SMART) and energy systems,
  • active cooperation with foreign clusters,
  • development of a comprehensive internationalization strategy of the cluster and the NEK strategy for entering to new market destinations,
  • enhancement of collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute in the field of research and development - preparation of already defined projects under the CORNET and HORIZON 2020 programs,
  • use of cross-border cluster potential (preparation of cross-border cooperation projects),
  • creation of a strong cross-border partnership in the field of energy savings, renewable energy and smart technologies,
  • preparation and implementation of joint international projects VaVaI (Science, research & Inovation) with foreign clusters and research organizations,
  • engagement into international cluster networks,
  • coordination activities of the cluster in order to ensure the access of member entities to the third market.



Activity no 1: Establishment of external cooperation in the area VaVal (Science, research & Inovation)


  1. establishment and operation of the NEK international support centre,
  2. elaboration of the internationalization strategy of NEK,
  3. organization of workshops and seminars for foreign partners,
  4. preparation and implementation of matchmaking events
  5. cluster participation at international conferences, seminars and innovation forums.


 Activity no 2: Support and development of NEK cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute


  1. joint working workshops,
  2. foreign study visits,
  3. definition of common themes for projects under CORNET and HORIZON 2020 programs,
  4. preparation of a new joint activity plan for the period 2018-2020
  5. preparation of joint Vav projects under the CORNET program.


Activity no 3: Promoting of NEK and strengthening the cluster brand abroad


  1. creation of NEK foreign language promotional materials,
  2. creating a cluster website in foreign languages,
  3. promotional events of NEK abroad,
  4. obtaining the Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI).


Activity no 4: Strengthening the cooperation with foreign clusters and involving NEK in international cluster networks


  1. strengthening the cooperation with the international cluster platform the European cluster Observatory,
  2. cluster involvement in international cluster networks at European level,
  3. business meetings with foreign clusters.



Activity no 5: Support of a coordinated approach of NEK members to foreign markets


  1. elaboration of the NEK strategy for entering to new foreign market destinations,
  2. the implementation of joint visits,
  3. implementation of joint missions.


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