OPEI – Expansion of the energy cluster activities and strengthening of cooperation between the corporate sector, research and higher education institutions

project no: 5.1 SPK01 / 016, project realization: 1.8.2009 - 31.7.2012, budget: 19.761.000 CZK, subsidy: 12.527.000 CZK


The main objective of the project is to innovate and further develop an energy cluster of activities that improve the conditions for doing business in the energy industry and strengthen cooperation between the corporate sector, research and higher education institutions. Developing energy cluster activities will increase innovation potential and strengthen cooperative links between the cluster members that increase their competitiveness. The main focus of the project will be the promotion of synergies between the energy sector and the industrial sector and the promotion of energy education. These objectives can be achieved through joint projects:


1. Establishment of the Diagnostic Laboratory of the Energy Cluster

The creation of a laboratory in cooperation with VŠB - TU Ostrava, the Research Energy Centre will support the development of science and research in the field of energy. The laboratory will focus mainly on the research of renewable and secondary energy sources, energy requirements of the equipment and diagnostics of combustion and gasification processes.


1.1 Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with unique equipment for the research and development activities of the cluster in the total amount of 5,977,483.00, and it is operated in cooperation with VŠB-TU Ostrava and the Research Energy Centre.


List of facilities:

• Advance Optima Analyzer - URAS 14/26

• Advance Optima FIT / Manos Analyzer

• NO / NO2 analyzer, type Horiba - VA3002 CLD chemiluminescent principle

• TOC-FID hydrocarbon analyzer

• Software for use of analyzers

• Analysis system for NH3 / H2O measurement including accessories


1.2 Trigeneration system

The purpose of the construction of trigeneration technology in the future premises of the Moravian-Silesian Energy Cluster in Zubří is the combined production of heat, cold (transformation from heat) and electricity from natural gas. All produced energy in the form of trigeneration will be consumed in the building.

The intention of the contractor is to carry out research activities aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the facility:

• the use of heat from cooling the compressed fuel mixture to preheat cold water (for additional running hot water production)

• the use of heat from a cooling unit for preheating of cold water (for running hot water production)

• reduction of fuel consumption and overall increase in efficiency of equipment

• and others


The final price offer is 6.980.000, - CZK.



2. The promotion of the use of renewable resources and the presentation of common results of the activities

Within this project a promotional campaign for energy savings and the use of renewable resources will be implemented. Part of the project will also be the promotion of energy cluster activities through exhibitions, conferences, seminars and promotional materials

One example is the project "INDEPENDENT ENERGY REGION"

The aim of the project is to create an energy concept that would enable the state administration in cooperation with the industrial sphere and the suppliers to influence the development of regional energy in an independent region. We assume that this document will be one of the strategic components of the new energy concept of the Moravian-Silesian Region.

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